It takes five visionaries working together—all thought leaders, eco-warriors and successful heroes in their respective fields—to create the first, fish-free brand that truly rivals seafood. Our founders saw the gap in the food market, while each felt deeply moved by the ethical and environmental reasons that made it crucial for Good Catch to come into being. For them, Good Catch really is a labor of love motivated by a shared passion to save our planet and create fishless deliciousness. Each of them brings superpowers (and secret ingredients) gained from decades of top-tier experience in the natural foods and eco-conscious arenas. And in their own lives, they walk their talk. A recipe for success.


Certainly it helps that our master chefs, Chad and Derek Sarno, are the masterminds behind Wicked Healthy, the kick-ass culinary blog and new cookbook that guides readers to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle with just the right touch of wicked fun. These self-professed ninja brothers each power-cooked their way to the top of the food chain.

CHAD SARNO launched six plant-based restaurants in Istanbul, Munich, London and Belgrade, educated young chefs as VP of Plant-Based Wellness at Rouxbe Cooking School and served as the Global Health and Wellness Coordinator, Media Spokesperson, and R&D Chef for Whole Foods Market. He’s contributed to numerous recipe books and co-authored the NY Times bestseller Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

DEREK SARNO provides culinary leadership to Tesco UK, the third largest food retailer in the world, as Executive Chef and Director of Plant-Based Innovation. Previously, Derek served as Senior Global Chef & Culinary Educator at Whole Foods Market (where he created the sizzling Ninja Squirrel Sriracha) and as a chef for an international Tibetan Buddhist monastery. A successful restaurateur, vegan organic farmer, educator and evangelist for plant-forward cuisine, Derek has worked with top food brands including Gardein, Beyond Meat, Follow Your Heart, Hampton Creek and Miyoko’s Kitchen.


The original trailblazer in steering investments to plant-based food companies, CHRIS KERR has worked with many of the game-changers in the space.He brings over three decades of leadership experience with start-ups and venture capital investing to his role as Chief Investment Officer for New Crop Capital. Chris manages New Crop’s portfolio strategy, acts as strategic advisor to companies in the portfolio and champions new entrepreneurial ventures that provide plant-based alternatives to animal food products. On New Crop’s behalf, he co-founded SeaCo Foods International, helped to launch Good Catch and now serves as its Chair and co-CEO. He also represents New Crop as director of Purple Carrot and Next Foods.

Next up: Renaissance woman, environmental activist, lifelong vegetarian and eco-fashionista, MARCI ZAROFF. A born leader and award-winning pioneer of innovation, Marci founded eco-fashion lifestyle brands MetaWear and Under the Canopy, and co-founded the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition and conscious branding agency, BeyondBrands. Marci drives authenticity, eco-leadership and social justice inside and outside her work. She serves on the boards of the Organic Trade Association and the Textile Exchange, and as Advisor to Fair Trade USA. Marci’s first book, ECOrenaissance: Co-creating a Stylish, Sexy and Sustainable World, launches August 2018.

Adding even more entrepreneurial heat to the kitchen, ERIC SCHNELL brings over two decades of leadership chops in the Natural Products industry to the team. Eric is grounded in his approach to building brands by his personal philosophy, stemming from his vegetarian upbringing and intense belief in animal welfare and sustainable living. Foreseeing the need for a healthier soda option, in 2002 Eric co-founded the ground-breaking Steaz brand, the first USDA Organic-certified soda and eventual leader in the beverage category. A proud recipient of the 2007 Socially Responsible Business Award and four-time BevNET winner for "Best Product of the Year", Eric was named one of the Top 50 Beverage World Magazine Disruptors in 2016. With his wife Marci, Eric co-founded BeyondBrands, where they continue to drive their Quintuple Bottom Line philosophy based on Passion, Purpose, People, Planet and Prosperity.


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