Meet Chad Sarno, Our Founding Chef

Photo of Chad Sarno

A lifelong activist, self-described “plant-pusher” and vegan for more than 20 years, Chad Sarno is a co-founder of Gathered Foods, makers of Good Catch. He’s also a co-founder of Wicked Healthy, Wicked Kitchen and Wicked Food brands. You could say he’s got a lot of plants on his plate.

Originally from New England, Chad has launched successful plant-based restaurants in Instanbul, Munich, London and Belgrade, and has consulted on restaurant launches around the globe, inspiring plant-based chefs all over and picking up culinary inspiration along the way. His professional highlights show how widespread his impact has been on people’s everyday lives. Chad’s served as VP of Plant-Based Education at Rouxbe Cooking School, and was the Global Wellness Coordinator, Media Spokesperson and R&D Chef for Whole Foods Market’s program on plant-based eating. He’s also co-author of the New York Times best seller Crazy Sexy Kitchen, The Wicked Healthy Cookbook and The Whole Foods Market Cookbook. If you’ve eaten a good plant-based meal out in the world, there’s a decent chance that Chad was involved, at least tangentially, in some part of the process.

Chad’s personal mission to save as many animal lives as possible comes to life where activism and good food meet. With Good Catch, he saw an opportunity to create a protein alternative to fish and seafood by making a move to combat commercial fishing’s impact on fish stocks, delicate ocean ecosystems and biodiversity. By blending his culinary skills with food innovation, he worked for more than two years to perfect the initial recipe for a plant-based seafood product that would rival the taste, texture and nutritional properties of the best seafood dishes out there — and disrupt the fishing industry at the same time.

When he’s not traveling, Chad’s at home in Texas, likely gardening, cooking and eating delicious plant-based meals with his wife, little boys and teen, or showing off the best plant-based seafood by filming delicious recipe videos with the Good Catch Team.

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