Ask a Vegan: @PictureItPlants

Amy Beth, also known as @PictureItPlants is a vegan content creator and artist who’s been documenting her food since 2015 with the help of her partner @Embolden.Yourself. She uses both art and humor to portray and connect others with the vegan experience while offering solutions to those needing help with their vegan transition.

As a vegan, I get many well-intentioned and ill-informed questions about my chosen life. Here are the most popular questions and answers from the perspective of a veteran vegan.

Q: Did your partner go vegan with you?

A: No, he actually didn’t! Back in 2015 when I started going vegan for health & the environment, we made the decision collectively to no longer buy animal products or food with animal products for our kitchen. However, because I’m the type of vegan that values autonomy of others, there was no “forcing him to be vegan outside the home.” So, he was mostly plant-based in the beginning. It wasn’t until the end of 2019 after viewing “The Game Changers” on Netflix that he knew his body was not meant to consume animal products. We’ve been collectively vegan ever since and I value his support.

Q: How can you be vegan and “fat”?

A: Rude, yes; but something that should be talked about. Unfortunately due to everything that perpetuates the “thin & white vegan” stereotype, there has been a distortion of reality where people cannot accept that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Only just in recent years have companies and media outlets expanded on how inclusive their representation is, so it’s common for me to get this question. While I may have a few extra curves, I am healthier than I’ve ever been and I don’t need anyone else’s approval of my physical appearance as a vegan to tell me otherwise.

Q: What do you eat to get your protein?

A: Another reality that has been distorted is that vegans don’t get enough protein, when in fact, vegans consume plenty of clean sources of protein. We rotate through several different main protein sources while also including different types of other plants that have protein. You’ll find us eating things like marinated tofu, tempeh, all different types of beans, and then I also use a vegan protein powder in the morning for smoothies and shakes.

Q: Do vegans eat yeast?

A: Yes! This is an interesting question I never asked myself when I first went vegan, but over time this is a question I have been asked. While yeast is a “living” organism and evolves in the right conditions, yeast doesn’t have a nervous system. Vegans also love a deactivated yeast called nutritional yeast that makes food have a cheesier, creamier flavor.

Q: Your food must be so boring, huh?

A: Absolutely not. I think my food was more boring before we went vegan because we weren’t forced to think outside the box. For most, a balanced meal looks like 1 protein, 1 veggie, 1 grain. For us it looks like so much more and I believe it’s because we had to figure out what we liked quickly because we didn’t have a choice. Now, we love to eat things like vegan burgers, seafood, takeout style dishes, and almost anything you can imagine. Anything you can eat, I can eat vegan.

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