The First US-Made Plant-Based Salmon Burger is Here

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There’s a new fish stick on the block.


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Seafood, evolved™

Plant-based seafood? You bet. Plant-based fish sticks, fish fillets, fish burgers, crab cakes and fish cakes are here, and you’d almost swear they’re the real thing. Our blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans deliver the rich flavors and flaky textures of seafood without the bycatch. The best part — our products are friendlier to the oceans and the creatures that call our oceans home.


We stand by our mission to make plant-based foods for everyone because we believe they can feed and help save the world. We have a pretty good time doing it, too. We’re definitely not in this for the trophies, but they make us pretty proud whenever we see them.

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